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We make better tomorrow by providing quality education and exposure

About SMS Vidyalaya



MSMSV is set on a fifteen acre land in the heart of Jaipur and is proud of its lush lawns, assorted plants and flowers which bring students closer to nature.



The Vidyalaya is afiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


Governing Body

Provides support and advice to achieve high standards and unqualified success through quality programmes and enrichment of learners.



MSMSV is accredited for outstanding development of international dimension in the school curriculum by the British Council.


To nurture the unique potential of younger learners and ignite their minds through enrichment and value based education in a creative and innovative frame work so that they emerge as responsible ,thinking and sensitive global citizens conscious of their obligations towards their common welfare.

At MSMSV there is a tradition of mentorship with students. A strong bond of student-teacher relationship is fostered through positive and constructive attitude of all stakeholders. The staff is well qualified and committed to their calling ready to rise to the occasion, open to change and determined to make a difference in young lives.


Registration, Admission & Withdrawal

The child age should be minimum 4 years and maximum 5 years on 31st March of that year in which seeking admission into the KG the second level of three levels of Bal Vatika. The admission to KG is finalized by randomization under different categories after the registrations are completed. Further information on admission will be given at the time of registration. The admissions to this level are announced through advertisement in our school website.

All applications for admission must be made on the prescribed forms and be submitted not later than the declared last date for it. There are no regular registrations for other classes. Next entry point is class VII & XI to limited seats which are announced through advertisements. Further information on admission process will be given at the time of registration. The enrolment form and other necessary papers must be filled in with due care by parent / guardian. The date of birth recorded in the enrolment form cannot be changed later. Pupil coming from another school must produce a Transfer Certificate. In case of Inter-State Transfers, the certificate should be countersigned by the District Education Officer of the State in case of admission to classes IX upwards.